Electric brake controllers


We install the REDARC Towpro Elite. There are also other brands available at our store.

A brake controller is required when towing a trailer or caravan which has an electrical braking system installed. It controls the activation and intensity of the electrical brakes installed on a caravan or trailer. Depending on the type of brake controller selected, it will be installed in the vehicle (control wired from the cab to the trailer/caravan), or mounted on the trailer/caravan (wireless control from within the vehicle).

When braking the towing vehicle, the brakes of the towed trailer/caravan are proportionally activated, to ensure a smoother, safer and controlled braking event. This can be in response to varying factors, including terrain and urgency. Emergency braking is also a situation where the benefits of a properly installed quality brake controller can be a truly life-saving device.

The correct and timely activation of the brakes on the caravan or trailer reduces the stress and workload on the braking systems of the towing vehicle. It also reduces the stress on the driver when towing a caravan or trailer, providing one with a consistent and controlled response from the trailer or caravan when braking the towing vehicle.

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